Environmentally friendly website hosting comes to the web

Environmentally friendly website hosting comes to the web

Six months ago Eekohost founder James Stott became acutely aware of the cost of running servers, when his office electricity bill dropped $350 for the quarter. The only thing that had changed to cause the drop was to decommission a 3 year old rack mount HP ML350 Server, which was replaced by a Mac Mini.

He started thinking about the energy used by his old server, and then realised that a servers running 24/7 around the globe must consume horrendous amounts of energy. James realised that someone needed to do something different, and that there should be a hosting business that only used Green power, offset 100% of its carbon footprint, recycled, and operated from an ethically sound platform, but still delivered kick-ass quality hosting and outstanding service.

At that moment the idea for Eekohost was born, with a vision to provide 100% environmentally friendly website hosting.

So, after six months of planning, Eekohost is finally ready to take aim at the global website hosting market.

We won’t offer the cheapest prices, but then again we refuse to sell crappy hosting.

eekohost environmentally friendly website hostingSo now, all of our new servers are provisioned, our sales and provisioning system is in place and we are just editing the final content on our website.

In preparation for launch, we’ve just instructed Ergon Energy to supply 100% of our energy usage with Clean Energy, and now that we are powered with 100% Environmentally friendly power, Green Power Australia has featured our logo on the front page of their website! See it at http://greenpower.gov.au/

We’re also putting the final touches to our website content, like adding information about our packages, then all will be ready to go.

If you want to see what good quality is about, and like the idea of having an environmental conscience, then be sure to order now and transfer your hosting to Eekohost, or contact us for more details.

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