What You Need to Know About Secure Passwords

What You Need to Know About Secure Passwords

Secure Passwords are a Must

Your Password is the Weakest Link in your WordPress website security and it’s the easiest obstacle for Hackers to overcome and gain access to your website. Most people use simple 6 letter lower case passwords and it only takes a hacker less than 10 minutes to crack!

The average user has 6.5 passwords, each of which is shared across 4 different sites and has about 25 accounts that require passwords.  Around 73% of adults have fallen victim to some sort of cyber crime and 3 in 10 young adults have had their passwords hacked and that’s nearly double the level in 2009!

Some of the Most Common Passwords That People Use Are:

123456, password, 12345, 12345678, qwerty, baseball, dragon, football, monkey, letmein, abc123, 111111, mustang, access, shadow, master, superman, 696969, 123123, batman, and trustno1

Needless to say, these are not very secure passwords

Password Hacking Times


Those kind of passwords can leave you wide open to hacking. I recommend a strong password that is going to take a hacker a long time to guess. As you can see a 6 character lower case password just takes 10 minutes to guess, the more characters there are in your password the harder it is to crack. But when you mix it up with both upper and lower case letters and add numbers/symbols – you improve the odds in your favor immensely.

A Secure Password Looks Like This:


It’s got a combination of upper and lower letters, numbers and symbols and it has more than 9 characters in it.  When selecting your password remember the following tips:

Don’t use words found in an English or foreign dictionary

Don’t share your password

Do choose a password longer than 9 characters, for maximum security

Don’t use the same password for every account

Do use a password manager, to avoid having to write your password down in a note book

Never, ever store your passwords in a file on your computer!!

A good way to generate passwords securely is with password manager such as 1 Password, which has an inbuilt password generator.  Lastpass stores the website, your username and password in one spot so that you can get to it. It allows you to copy it and save it. They will encrypt that data so that anyone looking at your computer can’t easily guess it, and it will automatically to lock when you’re not using it.

Protect your passwords for your websites.

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